Selected Online Writing


How When We Were Kings enshrined Muhammad Ali’s legacy, for Little White Lies

Dr. Strangelove in the Age of Trump, for Roger Ebert

A Review of Gemini for Roger Ebert

Re-Examining the Challenging Eroticism of In the Cut for Little White Lies

The Columbine Massacre still echoes through cinema for Little White Lies

Review of Truth or Dare, for the National Post

Fragments of a Star: The Myth of Marilyn Monroe, for Crixeo

Review of Show Dogs for The National Post

How English and French co-exist in Montreal to inform the richness of each other’s linguistic identities For the National Post

Loneliness in Claire Denis for the National Post

A Century of Female Filmmakers on Screen for Cult MTL

24 Images Podcast July on Claire Denis

The cinematic legacy of prehistoric life continues to thrive over a century later, while rarely offering an accurate reflection of human nature for the National Post

Why the Slenderman Legend confronts us with our most modern, scariest unknown for The National Post

The best new genre films from Fantasia Film Festival 2018 for Little White Lies

Review of Generation Wealth for The National Post

The absolutely official, completely objective, not biased at all, definitive ranking of Tom Cruise performances for The National Post


When Hard Meets Soft: The Painful Pleasures of Nunsploitation Cinema‘ for Cléo: A Feminist Film Journal

Director Luc Besson goes back to the future with Valerian‘ for The Globe and Mail (also appeared in print)

One Montreal Family’s Quest to Bring Neon Back‘ for The Main

Biocyclette fuels its gardening service with pedal power‘ for The Montreal Gazette (also appeared in print)

Marie-Josée Croze finds her bearings in Iqaluit‘ for The Montreal Gazette (also appeared in print)

Reflections in a Golden Eye‘ for Senses of Cinema

How Some Users Are Trying to Save IMDB’s Message Board‘ for Motherboard

Creating 18 Shades of Gay‘ for The Main

Naked is Normal: Amazon’s American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story‘ for Roger Ebert

Fantasia International Film Festival Report for Senses of Cinema

Is this the world’s sexiest film festival? For Little White Lies

Searching for Salim Shaheen: Afghanistan’s Z-movie king for Little White Lies 

Travis Wilkerson: ‘There’s a tremendous opportunity for social change right now’ for Little White Lies


Makin’ Wookie – A brief history of Star Wars porn parodies‘ for Little White Lies (also appeared in print)

A Horror Travelogue: 31 horror movies from 31 different countries‘ for Little White Lies

Drinking the Kool-Aid: Hollywood and Cults‘ for Movie Mezzanine

The New Fear – How horror cinema uncaged America’s internal monster‘ for Little White Lies

Is there still a place for eroticism in cinema?‘ for Little White Lies

Why Sex and the City is the greatest blockbuster of the 21st century‘ for Little White Lies

‘Detroit: The New City of American Horror’ for Roger Ebert

Dystopian City How Expo 67 Made and Unmade Montreal‘ for The Towner

Violence is a Very Sad Poetry: The Cinema of Sam Peckinpah‘ for Roger Ebert

Director Denis Côté’s fear of becoming ‘bourgeois with filmmaking’‘ for The Globe and Mail (also appeared in print)

Talk Dirty to Me: A History of Eroticism in Four Short Films‘ for Vague Visages

Contradictions and Desires: The Costumes of Eiko Ishioka‘ for Movie Mezzanine

The History of Women Athletes In American Cinema‘ for Movie Mezzanine

Light, darkness and a first for Colombian cinema: An interview with Ciro Guerra‘ for Cult MTL

‘A Break from Hollywood’s Holocaust Myth: Interview with László Nemes (Son of Saul)’ for Cult MTL

‘The New Vanguard of Directors’ for Movie Mezzanine

My Wedding Night Was Interrupted by a Coke-Fuelled Orgy in my Apartment‘ for Vice Canada

‘Why Criticism’ COLUMN for Vague Visages

‘Of Love and Other Demons’ COLUMN for Vague Visages

‘At The Cinematheque’ COLUMN for Vague Visage

Entry on Mad Max: Fury Road for Best Films of 21st Century so far‘ for BBC Culture




The Impossible Love of David Lean’s Brief Encounter‘ for Cléo: A Feminist Film Journal

How Softcore Porn Kicked Off a Cultural Revolution in Quebec‘ for Vice Canada

The 20 Best French Horror Films of All Time‘ for Movie Mezzanine

Eye on Iñárritu: ’21 Grams’ Mistakes Suffering for Meaning‘ for Vague Visages

10 Other Shades of Gray: Sadomasochism in Film‘ for Paste Magazine



Bloody Fun: The Menstrual Horror of Ginger Snaps for Cléo: A Feminist Film Journal

Festival Coverage

Locarno 2017

Locarno 2017 ranked

Reflections on Retrospectives for Festivalists

Why Jacques Tourneur is a filmmaker for our troubled modern times‘ for Little White Lies

Locarno 2017: Two Tourneurs and the Power of Fear‘ for JustineTimes

Locarno 2017: Staying Safe with Lucky (Lynch) & Las cinéphilas (Alvarez)‘ for JustineTimes

Fantasia 2017

Why the future of genre cinema is female‘ for Little White Lies

RIDM 2016

David Lynch’s Art and Life‘ for Movie Mezzanine (RIDM 2016)

RIDM 2016: Atsushi Funahashi’s ‘Raise Your Arms and Twist – Documentary of NMB48’‘ for Vague Visages (RIDM 2016)

RIDM 2016: Mehrdad Oskouei’s ‘Starless Dreams’‘ for Vague Visages (RIDM 2016)

RIDM 2016: Claire Simon’s ‘Le concours’‘ for Vague Visages (RIDM 2016)

‘RIDM 2016: Patric Chiha’s ‘Brothers of the Night’ for Vague Visages (RIDM 2016)

Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2016

Defining New Cinema at FNC 2016‘ for Vague Visages

Portugal’s New Cinema Empire‘ for Fandor

TIFF 2016

TIFF 2016: Interview with Director María José Cuevas and Olga Breeskin (‘Beauties of the Night’)‘ for Vague Visages

Fantasia International Film Festival 2016

Fantasia Fest 2016: Preview‘ for Roger Ebert

Welcome Home, Takashi Miike‘ for Roger Ebert (Fantasia International Film Festival 2016)

Fantasia Fest 2016: Highlights’ for Roger Ebert

Joel Potrykus and Slacker Cinema‘ for Vague Visages

How Playing a Daft Punk Robot Funded an All-Cat Remake of ‘Carrie” for Vice Canada

Stranger With My Face Festival 2016

Stranger With My Face Festival 2016: ‘Evolution’ and ‘The Love Witch’ for Vague Visages

RIDM 2015

RIDM 2015: ‘Red Hollywood’ (1996) – Another Masterwork From Thom Andersen‘ for Vague Visages

RIDM 2015: ‘My Love, Don’t Cross That River’ (Jin Mo-young, 2015)‘ for Vague Visages

RIDM 2015: Frederick Wiseman’s ‘In Jackson Heights’ and the Virtues of Eisenstein‘ for Vague Visages

Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2015

The rebels and vanguards of Montreal’s Festival du Nouveau Cinéma‘ for The Globe and Mail

NSFW Video: Justine A. Smith Interviews Gaspar Noé About ‘Love’‘ for Vague Visages

‘Interview with Guy Maddin for The Forbidden Room’

10 Must See Films at FNC 2015‘ for Beyond the Red Room

FNC 2015: ‘Transfixed’ (Alon Kol, 2015)’ for Vague Visages

FNC 2015: ‘Blonde aux yeux bleus’ (Pascal Plante, 2015)‘ for Vague Visages

Locarno 2015

In ‘Entertainment’ and ‘James White,’ Losers Undo the American Dream‘ for Indiewire

With ‘No Home Movie,’ Chantal Akerman Chronicles the End of a Life, and a Search for Where She Belongs‘ for Indiewire

Here’s What It’s Like to Be a Female Filmmaker in Morocco‘ for Indiewire

Locarno 2015: ‘88:88’ (Isiah Medina, 2015)‘ for Vague Visages

Locarno 2015: ‘I Remember Nothing’ (Zia Anger, 2015)‘ for Vague Visages

Locarno 2015: ‘La vallée’ (Barbet Schroeder, 1972)‘ for Vague Visages

Locarno 2015: ‘Right Now, Wrong Then’ (Hong Sang-Soo, 2015)‘ for Vague Visages

Locarno 2015: ‘Chevalier’ (Athina Rachel Tsangari, 2015)‘ for Vague Visages

Locarno 2015: ‘Cosmos’ (Andrzej Zulawski, 2015)‘ for Vague Visages

Peckinpah and Sex Part 1 – ‘The Ballad of Cable Hogue’’ for Vague Visages

Peckinpah and Sex Part 2 – ‘The Getaway’‘ for Vague Visages

Peckinpah and Sex Part 3 – ‘Straw Dogs’ for Vague Visages


Print and DVDs

Review of Political Animals by Sophie Mayer for Cineaste

Liner notes for Werewolf in the Amazon Collection for Camp Pictures

Girls Gotta Eat Zine

Psychosexual Aliens for print edition of Birth.Movies.Death


Tit for Tati on The Lodgers (Twin Peaks podcast)

A Twin Peaks Podcast, Episode 2: A Fish in the Percolator for The Lodgers

Jane Campion for Female Filmmaker Friday

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Podcast) for Mousterpiece Cinema Podcast

Jumping Ship (Podcast) for Zepus Lapodcast